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What Are the Risks That May Occur When Transporting a Car Across the Country?

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When envisioning your auto shipping experience, you probably crave transporting a car across the country that will entail as little stress as possible. If you choose a reliable auto shipping partner, you may expect an enjoyable process of moving your four-wheel friend across the country.

However, even the best auto shipping companies cannot design a shipping process devoid of the risks that such a task may provoke. It’s essential to remember - handing your car over to a car shipping company, on average, involves much less risk of damage than if you were to drive it yourself.

That is why we will look, in this blog post, into some of the most significant risks which may occur when shipping your car - enabling you to set your expectations and plan your transport accordingly.

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Wear and Tear

One of the things to consider when choosing your car shipping partner is how experienced its drivers are. Another one is what kind of protocols the company of choice has in place for handling your vehicle safely while shipping it long-distance. If you choose an open carrier shipping option, bear in mind the fact that most car shipping companies are shipping multiple cars at once. The experienced truck driver will know how to load and carefully offload vehicles. However, long-distance journeys may present road-related challenges, and this is when minor or even major wear and tear to your vehicle may occur.

Unexpected Additional Cost

Additional costs may happen due to vehicle damage or if your car breaks down during transport. Some car shipping companies offer insurance at a minimal additional price in advance, and this might be a good option if you wish to be extra safe about this potential issue.


Long-distance transport may be filled with unexpected challenges. This may be related to weather conditions that differ radically across the country. However, they may also be related to traffic or road conditions that are natural to cover the coast-to-coast distance. The responsible car shipping company will have GPS systems in place, communication protocols, and customer support designed to give you information, especially if transporting your vehicle is burdened with unexpected road challenges. Although delays may be a common challenge of the car shipping experience, discussing your risk-preventing options with your car shipping partner will enable you to prepare for the worst and experience the best transport possible.

Less Likely Risks

Theft of your vehicle or loss of your car during transport is not very likely to happen, but we need to mention them as these occurrences are not entirely impossible. For example, both may occur if your truck driver abandons the trailer during transport or the company goes out of business while your vehicle is being shipped. Having said that, you can prevent this from happening by choosing a car shipping company with an outstanding record of shipping cars with utmost care.

How to Minimize Car Shipping Risks Yourself

Some car shipping challenges cannot be influenced; however, here are some tips for ensuring you did everything in your power to enjoy the best car shipping experience possible.

  1. Choose the suitable shipping method - it may make a big difference safety-wise whether your car is shipped in an open or enclosed method. Enclosed car shipping may be more expensive, but your vehicle is exposed to fewer external elements.

  2. Inquire about your options - the best car shipping companies will always offer you options in designing your personal car shipping experience. For example, even if you choose the open car shipping method, you may be able to decide whether to place your car on the upper or lower level of the carrier. If you choose the upper level, your vehicle will be exposed to fewer elements, such as flying objects, leaking, and dirt from other cars in the carrier. This way, you can prevent some of the damage from occurring during transport.

  3. Prepare your car for shipping - prepare your vehicle according to all car shipping company’s protocols. This means cleaning your vehicle, removing valuable or personal belongings from it, and filling up the tank, photographing your car before and after, both inside and out. This will help you and the truck driver assess the damage. For more shipping advice, read our ultimate guide for preparing your car to be shipped.

  4. Choose your car shipping partner wisely - shipping your car cross-country is the perfect context in which to test the adage that cheaper is not necessarily always better. Shipping such a valuable possession requires doing it with a credible partner. Read the reviews, ask a friend, and desktop research your options to check which car shipping company fits your needs best. The really good one will be able to give you options and walk you through the process confidently and reliably.

  5. Consider insuring your car for transport - an experienced auto shipping company will offer this option if you wish to feel even safer while your vehicle is being shipped long-distance.

Vehicle Haul – Your Most Reliable Partner in Every Situation

Many auto shipping companies are out there, but not all of them are credible to entrust your precious vehicle, especially when it comes to unpredictable shipment delays.

You must deal with a reliable hauler company capable of handling this kind of logistic challenge. A professional and experienced car shipping company will be able to avoid further complications in these situations and make strategic moves to navigate delayed shipments.

With over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry, millions of covered miles, professional drivers, and an expert logistic team, Vehicle Haul is your most reliable partner in every situation. By engaging the services of Vehicle Haul, you can be sure your vehicle is in the safest hands and will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Learn more about Vehicle Haul services and our many car shipping options to help you transport your car quickly and safely. If you need more help with the booking process, you can contact us, and we’ll help you with all the required information.



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