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How to Find a Credible Car Shipping Company in 2022?

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How can you recognize a credible, secure and trustworthy car shipping company? There are hundreds and thousands of them on the internet, but not all are liable to trust them with your vehicle. So, how to choose one from thousands and decide it is the right one for shipping your car?

You must do the research well to find a credible car shipping company you can trust and rely on. So, firstly, you should learn as much as you can about car shipping service to understand how it works to make an informed decision. Then, if you’re shipping a vehicle for the first time, you should read our ultimate guide for first-time auto transport that will help you find out even more.

A credible car shipping company like Vehicle Haul stands out among the others for its liability records, strong experience, excellent reputation, professional staff, and wide range of services. Before making a final decision and hiring one, find out what to look for in an auto transport company.

How to find a credible car shipping company

Make Sure the Company Is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

The first thing you should check is the company’s license status. The auto shipping company must abide by laws and regulations for consumer protection. It needs to be registered in the state where it operates. You should check if it has DOT and MC numbers issued by USDOT and FMCSA.

The auto shipping company must provide financial safety when applying for the license by obtaining the surety bond. The bonding company has secured money and guarantees payment if the consumer files a claim. The surety bond is obligatory for the company to operate.

Be sure to check and confirm the company’s insurance coverage. Shipping your vehicle means entrusting the auto transport company with a property valued at thousands of dollars, so you want your asset secured from risks.

Any credible car transport company must have insurance, so you’d be covered if anything happens during the car shipping service. It must have at least three types of insurance: Liability Insurance, Cargo Insurance, and Loading and Unloading Insurance. Request proof and certificates of insurance and check whether an insurance policy is active.

Check for Experience

When checking prospective car carriers, look into their background and how long they have been operating. Try to look for a well-established company with solid experience in the business, already proven in the industry as a secure and reliable business partner. Contrarily, you should avoid entrusting your vehicle to a company with no track record in the industry.

The auto shipping industry requires the company’s expertise in logistics and cargo transportation. A car carrier that's been in business for only a short time may not have enough knowledge and may not be capable of handling the shipment of your vehicle well.

The car shipping industry has specific issues and some common auto shipping problems that can be avoided by working with experienced professionals. However, only a company with many years of experience, steady resources, and skilled personnel will be able to guarantee and secure your shipment.

With over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry and millions of covered miles, Vehicle Haul is a credible partner you can trust and rely upon. You can be sure you’re leaving your vehicle in the safe hands of our experienced professional drivers and expert logistic team. They will take care of the delivery timely and safely.

Look for a Company with Professional Staff

When looking for a car carrier, consider the employees you will entrust your vehicle. You want to work with a company whose staff is well-informed, professional, and diligent, able to commit to their obligations.

You should pay attention to everything, from the first telephone conversation to the way of taking care of the shipping details. Make sure you choose a company with customer service staff you can reach anytime for questions and clarifications.

They should be able to address all of your inquiries and guide you through the whole shipping procedure. It is of great importance that the company hires well-trained, professional, and experienced drivers responsible for taking care of your vehicle.

Vehicle Haul’s drivers have been carefully selected based on their experience and high qualifications for transporting and delivering your vehicle to a chosen destination safely and punctually. In addition, Vehicle Haul’s highly professional customer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and always prepared to provide any information you might need. Contact us to answer all your questions.

Go for a Company with Tracking System

When choosing a car shipping company, go for the one able to keep you informed all the time throughout the vehicle transport process. During the shipment, you should be able to make sure your vehicle is safe all the time. But, some car carriers only contact you before and after delivery leaving you concerned about the security of your car during the transport.

However, a reliable auto shipping company will always keep you updated to ease your concern. In addition, the most reputable companies have a tracking system through which you can check the status of your car at any moment. So, instead of wondering if your car is safe somewhere on the road, you can get the information about your car’s exact location, transport progression, delivery time, etc.

Vehicle Haul offers both online tracking and tracking via telephone and email. In addition, our dispatch service is available 24/7/365, meaning you can trace your vehicle from the moment of pick up and find out the exact location of your asset at any given time.

Check Reviews

Take some time to check companies’ reputations and ratings online. The Google search engine is a good place to start your research about any company, and the review websites such as Yelp and Transport Reviews can give plenty of valuable information.

Focus on reading reviews, testimonials, and recommendations about the auto transport company written by previous customers. This is the best way to find out about the company’s performance and reputation. In addition, these reviews provide valuable insight into the quality of the services car shipping company offers.

Check out our website if you want to learn more about Vehicle Haul. You can also visit Vehicle Haul’s Facebook page for more information and reviews.



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