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Summer Car Care Tips That You Should Know

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Summer is here so are the warm and carefree days that we spend outside enjoying the sun or driving our favorite four-wheeled-best-friend on the way to the beach. But, as much as we should take care of our skin and body, we should also be aware that heat damages our vehicle. Every part of the car is under stress during the summer months. The level of fluids is reducing, components dry, crack or even corrode much faster than in the winter months. So, if you want you and your vehicle to slide through the heatcoolly, you should memorize the summer car care tips we’re sharing with you. You’re also going to need them if you’re preparing your vehicle for transport on the open trailer because it can be pretty hot out there.

Summer Car Care Tips That You Should Know

Our employees need to have the best organizational skills one can imagine in the car transport industry. The logistic process of planning the routes, picking cars, putting them on the shipping trailers or trucks, finding the best solution for the customer, and helping them to choose the most convenient date for shipping can be very timeconsuming and demanding. This is why people often avoid dealing with shipping and either choose to drive alone or hire a professional car shipping company.

Tip Number One: Keep Cool

You must have already presumed that this will be our number one tip for summer months and the heat, but we think it’s never too much repeating when the car cooling system is a topic. This is the main thing that keeps the engine cool and keeps it from overheating, so it’s crucial to learn how to maintain it properly.

What should you keep your focus on? First, the coolant, a 50 to 70 % mixture of ethylene and propylene glycol and water, helps the engine stay cool during the drive on the hottest temperatures. It’s important to know that scorching weather uses up coolant quickly, so keep tracking its level, and make sure to check every hose and belt that has been connected to the system.

Secondly, once a week, when your vehicle is parked for a few hours, look under the car to assure that coolant isn’t leaking out of the engine. How will you know that the coolant is leaking? It smells like syrup, and it’s bright colored. Also, when you’re driving and something starts hissing under the hood, or you see the white smoke and feel the smell of burnt sugar - know that you probably have coolant issues.

Tip Number Two: Check Your Tires Regularly

Remember to check your tires once a month for three essential criteria: how worn they are, is there enough air in them, and never forget to give a little attention to the spare one, because sometimes that can be crucial. Now, let’s go through each of these criteria more closely.

- Worn-out tires - They can make a pretty big mess in any weather situation, let alone when it’s boiling. There can also be many sharp objects in the road, or a summer shower can surprise you, and the situation becomes pretty slippery. That’s why you need to check them once a month, to see if they’re damaged. An extra tip is to rotate tires every 6.000 miles so that you avoid uneven tire wear.
- Check the tire pressure - In the summer months, it’s vital to check the pressure because you don’t want the tires to get blown out from the hot pavement. It’s easy to do it yourself, or you can always ask someone in the gas station to help you with that.
- Always take care of the spare tire - Remember that you have five and not only four tires. Yes, the fifth one is in your trunk, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t become the one who saves the day in the most crucial moment. So keep it in the best shape, and let’s hope that you won’t ever need it.

And, if you’re getting ready for holidays somewhere far from your home, and you want to avoid and not think about all these potential problems, make sure to choose car shipping because you’ll save a lot of time and money. Also, check 5 things that will make you say yes to car shipping, and determine what makes car shipping the best choice.

Tip Number Three: Make Your Coolness Kit and Never Worry About the Heat

As we already mentioned, you should take good care of yourself during the summer months and about your vehicle as well. Both must keep cool and avoid overheating because the damage can be pretty significant. This is the main reason for preparing a special coolness kit for your car and yourself and other passengers.

Car Coolness Kit

First of all, try to find a giant sunshade every time you park your car. Yes, we understand that it’s impossible to do that every time, so that’s why we have the secondlayer of protection. Cardboards or plastic covers will protect your windshield completely, as well as your car interior, and block the sun from roasting every part of your car inside.

Passenger’s Coolness Kit

When it comes to passengers inside the car, they also need some bits and bobs so that their bodies can stay cool. Don’t forget to keep a few gallons of water in your vehicle, also buy a special bag or backpack that will keep them cool and fresh. It would be good to have some snacks so that passengers can take a bite or two in case they feel to. Other than that, prepare suncream, repellent, towels, wipes, and anything else that might help them to protect themselves from the sun.

Vehicle Haul Always Has the Best Summer Car Care Tips for You and the Best Offer For Shipping during the Hottest Season

Now, when you know some of the best and most handy car care tips, it’s time for you to start thinking about keeping your vehicle out of additional trouble in the heat. If you’re planning to take your car on a long ride, maybe it’s better to think twice. Why don’t you save your time and book both a plane ticket for yourself and a car shipping service for your four-wheeled-best-friend? Choose the most cost-effective option - open car shipping, and don’t worry about overheating worn-out tires or coolant. Okay, you should definitely think about those things once you’re in the sunny, warm location, but Vehicle Haul is in charge during the shipping process. We have more than 15 years of experience in the car shipping industry, and we’re listed as one of the best auto shipping companies. For more information and a free price quote, go to our website and contact our agents.



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