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5 Things That Will Make You Say Yes to Car Shipping

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Imagine this: you have just been promoted, and you’re moving from Chicago to Miami, and you already imagine that you’ll drive your favorite car across the beautiful streets with palm trees all around you. But, there’s one thing that stands between you and your dream - the big question that pops out, “Should I drive across the US, or should I say yes to car shipping?” We’re ready to give you the top 5 reasons for car transport, which will show you all the benefits you’ll get if you decide to use this kind of vehicle transport.

Hit the road or save yourself from trouble and book a car transport with Vehicle Haul.

Less Planning and No Worries

If we need to compare planning for shipping and a drive across the country, we should have more than a few things on our minds and our to-do lists. Let’s see which to-do list is going to be longer.

  • Driving across the country - you must think about various things like having enough food during the drive, booking hotels where you’ll be staying, plan how much fuel you need to spend. Besides, you also have to prepare your car for a long trip and explore where you can change a tire or repair something else in your vehicle at mechanics. All of this will cost you a lot of money (we’ll talk about that part later) and time.

  • Booking a professional shipping service - Vehicle Haul will make all the necessary arrangements with you before we pick up your car. We’ll also explain to you how to prepare your vehicle before the big day. We’ll handle everything with a lot of care and keep you posted about our progress once your precious car is on the shipping trailer or in the closed truck.

Save your time on planning, and enjoy quality shipping service.


Who has, nowadays, time to spend a couple of days or even a week or so on the road? Especially when we have to deal with other things like moving, for example. The main reason why people choose car shipping rather than driving alone across the US is to save some time.

Why would we sit behind the wheel for at least eight hours a day and drive around the states when we can book transport and meet our vehicle in the new location? It’s more efficient to take a plane ride and schedule the rest of the things with the moving and shipping company for your car. You can arrange the exact date and time when you want your vehicle to arrive, which will give you more time to put other things up like work, apartment, etc.

Shipping Protects a Car

Not only that, you won’t have to deal with worn-out tires or extra miles added to your car’s profile if you choose car shipping, but you’ll also protect it from any damage on the road and bad weather conditions that can affect the vehicle’s body.

If you choose to transport your car on the open trailer, make sure to choose the warmest months. This is the best to avoid cold, windy, rainy, or snowy weather that can affect your windshields as much as it can harm your tires. If you have a classic or luxury vehicle, you should consider booking enclosed shipping to protect your beloved four-wheeled possession in the best way.

Helps You To Protect Your Family

Long trips in the car can last for days if you’re moving from North to South. Driving for hours isn’t that simple if you’re not a professional driver, and it can be pretty exhausting both for you and your family in the vehicle. Let’s not forget about the deep focus you should put on the road while your one-year-old is crying in the back seat. All that pressure can put you and your loved ones in danger to have some unpleasant situations during the trip, and why would you do that if there’s another solution?

When you book a car transport and fly by plane with your family, there’s no risk for them, the trip takes less time, and even if there are horrible weather conditions, you’ll survive them more effortless in the plane than in the car driving and thinking when would it stop pouring.

Family is the most precious thing in life. Let’s protect our loved ones.


Ok, it’s time for this talk. The “let’s not spend more money than we should” talk. Maybe you’re young and free-spirit, and you want to have a road trip from your hometown to your college campus. Yes, we understand that desire for adventure but have you put all your travel expenses on paper?

You should consider many things here, and we already mentioned a few in our first part. In addition to that list, we’ll add some other expenses related to the young generation than to a family. For example, you would most definitely want to go to a concert, cool Instagramable bar, take a walk, and have lunch in your favorite city on this road trip. On your way there, something may get broken, and your expenses at mechanics will get pretty high. You didn’t count on that, and you thought it wouldn’t happen to you.

In the end, you’ll realize that you could spend less money on this adventure if you hired a transport company to take care of your car. No travel expenses, except the plane ticket for yourself, no fees for mechanical services, because your car is in safe hands, and many, many other costs that you even can’t think of at this moment.

Adventures are amazing when we plan them, but what happens if something goes wrong?

Why Should You Say Yes to Car Shipping and Choose Vehicle Haul for Transport?

There is more than one reason you should consider hiring us if you need the best car transport in the US. More than 15 years of experience is the first, being a reliable partner through this process is the second one, and having the best customer service is the third one.

Request a price quote on our website, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We’ll gladly give any information you need and help you decide what’s the best option for you.

Contact us, and we’ll help you to decide whether you need an open car shipping service or you might need enclosed car shipping.

If you need more information about car shipping, we made the best and most extensive guide with our customers’ most frequent questions.



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