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What is the Actual Cost of Shipping a Car?

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When it comes to auto transport, customers ask many questions when deciding which company and service to choose, and one of the most asked questions we get is- Can you tell us what the actual cost of shipping a car is? We have good news for you: the price isn’t as high as you would imagine. They’re getting lower with the increased number of companies in this industry, and it’s almost impossible not to get the spot on a trailer when you need it. We understand the concern about the price, and this article is one of the best ways to explain what affects it because we have enough space to cover all the little details that you wouldn’t probably even think of. Keep reading and find out what affects the price of car shipping.

You don’t need to be afraid of the shipping cost; you need to know more about it and realize that everyone can afford it

Factors Affecting the Auto Transport Quotes

Once you say yes to car shipping and find about the benefits of using this service, you’ll never go back to the idea that you should drive on your own from Chicago all the way to Florida, for example. We understand that you might think this will work better for your budget, but that’s certainly not the truth.

There are many other situations in which people believe that they can’t afford car shipping, but once they find out the price, they change their minds. Not one thing affects the price, but that’s more a sum of few factors that will significantly impact the final quote. Here are some essential elements that will determine the price:

  • Vehicle model - The bigger the car, the more space it occupies on the shipping trailer, and the price won’t be the same for compact models and small vehicles. Larger models and vans will cost more, as well as limos.
  • Trailer type - 90 % of all cars are shipped on the open car trailer because there is more space, making them more cost-effective than any other option. However, some people choose an extra safe option for their expensive, luxury, and rare vehicles because they want to protect them from all sides. This option costs more and offers closed trucks for shipping.
  • Route - The longer the driver and the trailer have to go with your vehicle on, the higher the price for service. Pick-up and drop-off locations are essential, and they affect the cost significantly. If your area is far from the highway, that will affect the price, costing more.
  • Schedule - If you’re in a hurry and need quick auto transport, that will also affect the price and make it go higher. When someone can’t wait for a week or so, that means that the shipping company has to ask someone else to wait a while later and take his spot on the trailer. Keep in mind to always plan in advance.
  • Availability - Try to avoid car transport on major holidays, because that can cost you more. At that time of the year, there are fewer vehicle haulers on the road, which means that it isn’t easy to find a free spot on the trailer.

Always plan on time and keep the factors that affect car shipping price in your mind

Is the Cheaper Car Shipment Option Good For You?

Your common sense would probably say a big yes to auto shipping that costs less, but if you think twice, you’ll see that this isn’t the wisest option at all. Sure, you’ll spend less money at first, and you’ll find that as a great success. Later on, if something unexpected happens, you’ll find out that a cheaper option means less protection, no insurance for all your car parts, and bad service in general.

No one wants to entrust his car to the company that sells too good to be true services because that means taking a significant risk for something that has tremendous economic and personal value for you. It’s much better to take a little more time and explore companies that offer a wide range of services and have years of experience behind them. Then you can communicate with them and try to find the best offer that suits your interests.

Sometimes cheaper means more problems and worries that you could skip and predict. Choose wisely.

Vehicle Haul - We Don’t Hide Information About the Actual Cost of Shipping a Car; With Us, Everything Is Transparent

As one of the best auto shipping companies in the US, Vehicle Haul, has more than 15 years of experience in this industry and countless happy customers that we worked with on the most frequently used route in our company - Chicago to Florida. Our highly qualified staff has patience for any question you have and the knowledge to answer them. Our team is available any time you need information during the auto transport process.

The only thing you have to do is ask for the price quote and give us some essential information to make a calculation and present to you the precise cost of your car transport process. You’ll have to enter that information in the contact form on our website, and we’ll send you the calculation in the shortest time.

The essential information we need for the analysis is your current location, the destination where your vehicle is heading, and when you’re available for picking up the car. Besides, we’ll need information about the car model, year of production, and what type of service you choose. We suggest you choose open car shipping, as this is the best value for money that you can get.

And in the end, we’re sure that you want exact information about the cost of car transport, and we’ll give you one for our route from Illinois to Florida. If you’re already thinking about the snowbird car shipping season, which starts in September, Vehicle Haul has a special discount every year. Every third day, our shipping trailers are heading to this route, and we have a fixed price for a one-way trip, which costs 600 $. Contact us and find out how to book the most convenient services for you.



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