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How to Avoid Common Auto Shipping Problems?

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Every big industry has its issues, and that’s especially the problem with those that move big things, arrange picking up or drop off them from one location to another. That requires a lot of logistics, and sometimes things can go in the wrong direction, and there’s no one to blame. One of those industries is the car shipping industry, which has specific issues and some common auto shipping problems that can be avoided if you’re working with professionals.

How to Avoid Common Auto Shipping Problems

Our employees need to have the best organizational skills one can imagine in the car transport industry. The logistic process of planning the routes, picking cars, putting them on the shipping trailers or trucks, finding the best solution for the customer, and helping them to choose the most convenient date for shipping can be very timeconsuming and demanding. This is why people often avoid dealing with shipping and either choose to drive alone or hire a professional car shipping company.

Customers need to understand that sometimes things won’t go smoothly as they thought they would. Various factors can affect that. Sometimes they’re related to weather conditions, traffic jams, and things no one can avoid. But, sometimes on, fortunately, a customer can be the one who didn’t prepare everything on time and as it should be.

If you’re shipping a vehicle for the first time, you should probably read and learn by heart our ultimate guide for first-time auto transport. In the following lines, we will focus on the most common problems in our industry that can be avoided and will save you a lot of time if you don’t forget about them when you’re preparing your vehicle for shipping. So let’s dig into them.

Three problems to avoid:

1. Booking a shipping service at the very last minute,
2. Misrepresenting the car,
3. Not being available at the needed time, or the vehicle isn’t ready at the required time.

Booking Shipping at the Very Last Minute

Sometimes, you have to book a car transport at the last minute, and that’s inevitable when something unplanned or emergency happens. For example, you found the car of your dreams online, and his owner wants you to take them and drive away as soon as possible. You don’t have time to waste but to look for the best shipping company in the USA. And sometimes, there are unexpected situations like getting a job in a new city that you didn’t expect, but you have to move there sooner than you thought. And, in the end, there are sad situations like losing loved ones, after who you need to take care of their belongings.

In all other situations, should make plans about shipping way before your due day. Besides, be aware that it takes everything from one to seven days to find a carrier that will pick up and load your vehicle. Sometimes, if you live near busy routes, a shipping company will find a trailer in a day or two. But, in the rural areas or on lesspopular routes, it is not always easy to find a carrier that quickly, and it may take a couple of days before one comes on your way.

Misrepresenting your car

Vehicle misrepresentation is a pretty common problem that we deal with daily. However, it rarely comes from the dire attention of our clients, but from not understanding some processes and how shipping works. Most of the time, the mistake is honest because they don’t realize that shipping a car is a process where one should pick up and drop off the vehicle. This is only one example of an unintentional mistake, and let’s see what the others are.

Sometimes the client doesn’t know that the battery in his electric car isn’t full, which can cause a problem because the driver won’t put the car on a trailer or in the shipping truck. There’s also a problem of not knowing the type of car, which can be an issue if eight vehicles can fit on the trailer and the client misrepresents the model (he thinks it’s a compact car, but in reality, it’s more like an SUV or minivan.

All this can cause a delay in loading the cars on the trailer and other problems that can affect more than one client.

Not Being Available at the Needed Time, or the Vehicle Isn’t Ready at the Required Time

When you book a shipping service, the crucial thing is to make yourself and your car available. If you don’t fully understand why, here’s an explanation. First, you need to know the dates when you’ll be available for the driver to pick up and drop off your vehicle. Other than that, if your car won’t be ready for transport in several days or so, don’t pick the next couple of days as available for the shipping. That period when you make yourself, and the vehicle available is a window in which we’re looking for a carrier for you. It means that you have to take a day off and meet the driver in any of those couple of days if needed.

There are many reasons why some vehicles might not be ready at the time for shipping. Everything from mechanical problems that need to be solved, but the mechanic isn’t respecting the deal and deadline to people who buy cars online, but they don’t pay them on time for shipping. All this can mean a delay for the person who booked the service and for others whose cars should be at the same carrier.

Avoid Common Auto Shipping Problems with Vehicle Haul and
  Get the Job Done

Avoid Common Auto Shipping Problems with Vehicle Haul and Get the Job Done

Now that you know the most common auto shipping problems prepare well before shipping, and let us do what we do the best for more than 15 years. If you’re looking for a reliable partner in the car shipping industry, look no more and choose one of the best-rated auto transport companies in the USA.

In order to start the process of booking, first, you need to ask for a free price quote and fill the form on our website, and after that, you’ll get all the required information. Our representatives will also advise you on how to avoid these common problems and prepare your car for the shipping process. We offer both open car shipping and enclosed car shipping, and many other services, for your best vehicle shipping experience.



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