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Guide for Tracking a Car During the Auto Shipping Process

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Choosing a car shipping partner represents a delicate process defined by trust and transparency. If you are on the cusp of organizing a coast-to-coast move, this becomes even more true. When dealing with such complex matters, the last you need is to waste time managing those who should be managing part of your move, like shipping your precious vehicle.

Having said that, to be able to trust your car shipping partner, make sure to learn as much as possible about the ways you can track your vehicle during shipping. An experienced and trustworthy car shipping company will be able to offer you diverse options and excellent customer service in this department.

Let us now look into some of the aspects of tracking your vehicle so you will be able to make an informed decision when the time comes.

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Car Shipping Tracking Details

Although most car shipping companies have many protocols in place for your vehicle to arrive safely at its destination, accidents can always occur. In addition, the open road brings its challenges, such as inclement weather and other complications which may delay your vehicle arriving on time.

We got you covered with this; you can inform yourself properly about shipping causes that generate delays in our blog post. However, even if there is not much you may do, you will feel better if you can check your vehicle’s progress. In addition, knowing that it may be late will enable you to plan other aspects of your move accordingly.

GPS Satellite vs. Passive GPS

The main difference for you to understand here is that GPS Satellite offers real-time tracking and passive GPS does not. This means that Satellite can enable you to track your vehicle at any given moment. As for car shipping companies, it allows them to act in real time if something goes unplanned or seriously wrong. On the other hand, passive GPS offers you periodic snapshots of your vehicle’s movement.

How Vehicle Shipping Tracking Works

Vehicle shipping tracking is a feature that allows you to pinpoint your car’s location while it’s in transit. Instead of calling your car shipping partner daily, let us inform you about the inner workings of car shipping tracking via GPS Satellite so you can set your expectations accordingly. This is how it goes:

  1. Your driver activates the truck’s GPS vehicle tracking system. This step depends on your driver since it requires a simple switch to be activated.

  2. Your car travels from Point A to Point B. Then, the driver starts driving your vehicle from its origin to your destination. Along the way, it transmits a signal pinpointing your car’s location.

  3. You call the broker for a location update or check the status via a website or an app.

Accessing your vehicle’s location methods

Quality car shipping partners can offer you multiple options, so make sure to include this in your criteria while making your decision. Here are the options currently available at most car shipping companies.

1. Online Tracking

You can access your vehicle’s location via an internet connection by logging into the tracking system at the company’s website. This method is usually available with companies that have GPS Satellite tracking systems since it offers real-time tracking.

2. Mobile Tracking

This method will require you to download a tracking app, but everything else will be the same as with the online tracking method.

3. Notifications (E-mail or Text)

This method is made possible by entering your booking number and receiving location estimate information via text or email. Some companies offer this method since they are not using a GPS Satellite tracking system.

4. Phone Calls

The pro of this method is you do not need an internet connection to track your vehicle. The con is that this is an old-fashioned way, and it will heavily rely on your car shipping company’s customer service and working hours unless you arrange with a company offering 24/7/365 service, in which case you are well covered in this department.

Tracking your vehicle preconditions

1. Internet Connection

Make sure to have clear access to the internet when you wish to check your vehicle’s location. If your car shipping partner’s method relies on this, if your internet is not working correctly, you won’t be able to track your vehicle well.

2. Working Hours

If your car shipping company does not offer sophisticated car tracking methods, make sure to inform yourself about its working hours in advance. You will be unsuccessful if you try to get your progress report outside of designated hours.

3. Tracking Code

If the method your car shipping company offers requires a tracking code (most will), ensure you have the right code with you.

Choose Vehicle Haul and Have Your Vehicle Shipped Stress-Free!

After reading this article, you can make a better-informed decision about the best car shipping tracking method for you, specifically how to choose a car shipping partner who will be able to offer you the best tracking services.

Whichever tracking method works for you; you need to partner with the right car shipping company to be at peace with your precious cargo on the road. One of the best car shipping companies in the US, Vehicle Haul, finds customer needs the most important and puts them in the first place.

With over 15 years of experience in shipping vehicles across the US, Vehicle Haul understands how important your vehicle is to you and is here to handle your car's transportation confidently. To start the booking process, first, you need to ask for a free price quote and fill out the form on the website, and after that, you’ll get all the required information.



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