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Complete logistics behind
the transportation of
automobiles and motorcycles.

Over 15 years of experience in Truck
transportation all over America.



Auto Transportation

Complete logistics behind
the transportation of
automobiles and motorcycles.

Over 15 years of experience in Truck
transportation all over America.


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How much does it cost to ship a car within the USA

Why do people ship cars?

Primarily, people ship because of relocation. Selling a car can be another reason. In essence, your reasons for shipping your car may be many-fold, yet another one of them being to maintain the value of your asset, as by shipping it you won’t be adding extra mileage and exposing it to tear and wear.

Finding a Trustworthy Carrier

Shipping your car since it is an asset should be a responsible decision, so you want to make sure that you are using the right company to trust your vehicle with. The best way when searching for a company online is to read reviews from customers. You also want to make sure that you are going with a company that has a binding price quote, since those who offer low quotes often charge additional quotes last minute, the justification being that the initial price was an ‘estimate’. This should also be mentioned in reviews by unsatisfied customers who didn’t have time to switch car shipping companies so you should get some insight there.

How much to ship a car? Determining the price of Shipping;

To get a rate from a shipping company you should provide the following details as they are what your price will depend on;

- The age of your vehicle, date of production
- The make of your car
- The model of your asset
- The location you are shipping from
- The location you are shipping to
- The size and weight of the vehicle
- Tolls and Surcharges

The distance it will travel is an obvious price determining factor but so is the cost of fuel at the given time that you will be shipping your asset. This is important to note that it is ever changing as the price of fuel fluctuates regularly, making this a variable that you will only be able to count on getting a quote on close to your shipment. The time of shipping such as the snowbird season will affect the price too, when people go from colder climate areas of the US to the warmer for their holidays. The snowbird season is known to be very pricey.

Car shipping can be anywhere between $500 and an approximate $1500.

Open vs Enclosed

Maybe most importantly and the greatest determining factor of the price of your shipping will be whether you opt for Enclosed or Open car shipping.

Open car transportation is the cheapest form of vehicle shipping and the most regularly used. This is shipping on an open car trailer where more cars can fit simultaneously. These carriers have no walls or roof but they do have safeguard bars to block of road debris. They carry anywhere between 4 -10 vehicles at a time. Although your car is not quite as protected as with enclosed transportation it has proved very reliable and very rarely does any damage come to the vehicle. Additionally, your car will be insured so you can be carefree.

Enclosed car transportation is used for the vintage, cars of sentimental value or those that are very expensive. Enclosed entitles that your vehicle is transported in a boxed off vehicle. There are fewer of these on the road making them additionally more expensive. The fact that there are less of them on the road also means they take longer to transport from point A to B. This form of transportation is significantly more expensive but with the difference in price if you are in need of the extra protection to your asset.

Door to Door vs Terminal to Terminal

Door to Door shipping has proven to be the most time effective, cost friendly way to ship your vehicle. Terminal to Terminal means that you have to pick your car up at a certain destination where it can remain for several day sometimes even weeks and you will incur those charges. Door to Door means that your vehicle will be delivered directly to the agreed upon address, making it hassle free and efficient.

We offer Standard, Scheduled and Same day delivery. We pride ourselves in our same day delivery services as we never compromise the safety of our drivers and use expedited trucking. Standard is the most cost-effective car shipping method however, so if you are in no rush this is the right choice for you. If you need your vehicle delivered at a specific time on a specific date this can also be arranged with our scheduled delivery option.

Car Shipping Cost Chart




Seattle, WA to Charlotte, NC



New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA



Miami, FL to San Francisco, CA



Jersey City, NJ to Dallas, TX



New York, NY to Dallas, TX



New York, NY to Miami, Fl



Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ



Atlanta, GA to Tucson, AZ



Portland, OR to Washington, DC



Nashville, TN to Albuquerque, NM



Austin, TX to Miami, FL



Memphis, TN to Denver, CO



Orlando, FL to Chicago, IL



Boise, ID to Houston, TX



Philadelphia, PA to Sacramento, CA



Saint Louis, MO to Trenton, NJ



Saint Louis, MO to New York, NY



Boston, MA to Salt Lake City, UT



Las Vegas, NV to Detroit, MI



Milwaukee, WI to New Orleans, LA



Chicago, IL to Phoenix, AZ



Chicago, IL to Houston, TX



Austin, TX to San Jose, CA



San Antonio, TX to San Diego, CA



Boston, MA to Baltimore, MD



Can I put stuff in my car when I ship it?

You may want to ship a suitcase, a box of stuff or a small load of personal goods when you ship a car. This is possible as long as the weight doesn’t exceed 100lbs. As long as it meets the criteria it can be placed in the trunk of your car and shipped without a problem.

Is my auto transport insured?

Your car is most certainly insured should any unlikely harm come to it. We work with only the most experienced and reliable drivers who will make the loading and unloading of your vehicle a safe procedure. The transport itself is safe for a higher percentage of the time, as even in the case of opting for open car transportation there are bars that shield your vehicle from road debris. As for enclosed, the fact that your asset is completely boxed off makes it very hard for any damage to be caused. Our insurance policies will be clarified upon request or via any of our customer service representatives.

What is the cheapest way to ship a vehicle?

As mentioned above door to door shipping has proven to be the most cost and time effective of solutions for the transportation of your asset. Yet another, also mentioned above is that open car shipping is significantly cheaper than enclosed and is the most commonly opted for solution.

You may additionally be wondering whether it is cheaper to ship by train or truck and the answer is that it is slightly cheaper to ship by train but the downside is that you will have to both deliver and pick up your asset at the designated station. Moreover, it is a significantly slower process, meaning that you might be waiting weeks or even longer for your vehicle to arrive.

Is it safe to ship a vehicle?

There are always risks when shipping a vehicle but they are so minimal that you should not be phased. We work with the most reliable drivers and use the newest carriers. Whether you opt for open or enclosed your asset is safe with us. You will of course be insured, but rest assured that in our many years’ experience we have proven to be a trustworthy company and have had only the rarest of cases of any damage coming to vehicles.

How in advance should I book?

Your goal should be to book a couple of weeks in advance, an ideal 2, but there are short notice transportation options such as same day delivery available too, so that’s always something to bare in mind should you find yourself having to make such a reservation.

Have Questions or need a Car Shipping Quote

You can get a quote online or over the phone day or night. Our dispatch service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our renowned customer service is there to provide you with all and any information you might require regarding your vehicle, and are happy to answer all of your questions. We are always open to suggestions as your satisfaction is our primary concern.





  • I chose VehicleHaul for open car shipment of my car and the delivery was fast, no harm came to my car and the customer service provided was friendly and informed.
  • A very reliable company. I would recommend them to anyone shipping their vehicle. The customer service is amazing and they are very affordable. Great value for price!
  • I shipped my motorcycle with this company and stand in awe at how professional they are in their business. I would ship with them again most definitely and highly recommend them.
  • I chose enclosed car transport for shipping my old timer and am very satisfied with the service. I was able to track my car at all times and the pick up and delivery were prompt, the staff experienced...Recommend them for anyone looking for extra care taking of their car!



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