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9 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Choosing Car Transport Company

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Choosing a car transport company that is right for you needs to be a priority in the process of designing your car shipping experience. With an experienced and reliable car transport company, you will have options to choose from, and you will be able to track the shipping of your car at all the essential stages. Since choosing the right car transport company is difficult, we have prepared several factors for you to consider. However, if you consider the following criteria, you should be able to make a proper decision about a car transport company for you.

9 Crucial Questions When Choosing a Car Transport Company

1. Is the Company Registered?

There are many car transport companies in the market. This indicator, which we’ll mention later, is the car shipping industry standard, and you should remember it as essential. Registered and licensed car transport companies should have the US Department of Transportation number, also known as the DOT number. When a company has one, it indicates that it works with all required professional standards. Feel free to ask for it when contacting the company’s representative; a good sign is if the person can provide you with it immediately.

2. Does the Company Offer a Free of Charge Price Quote?

A reputable and successful car transport company should be able to offer you a free price quote. If the one you have been researching does not, feel free to move on to another company. Another thing to consider is whether this free price quote includes everything. Sometimes these can have hidden charges, which is a type of surprise you do not wish to experience. You can prevent this from happening by inquiring about it from the company’s customer service representative - asking what the elements of the price quote.

3. Exact Car Shipping Price

This sentence sounds logical, but you would be surprised how many people still choose the cheapest option available. To make this decision, keep in mind the following factors. First, inquire about the elements included in the car shipping price and their costs. Be mindful that choosing the right car transport company is about more than just car shipping price. This is why this list of questions is about more than one factor.

4. Does the Company Offer Car Insurance?

With a good car transport company, this shouldn’t be an issue. A company should offer the insurance since car shipping may involve damage to your car, shipping delays due to road issues, and other manageable but usually unwanted and/or unforeseen circumstances.

5. How Does a Car Transport Company Protect Your Vehicle?

A good car transport company will offer diverse car shipping methods. Whether open or closed shipping methods, door-to-door pick-up and delivery, and other options, car transport companies implement different safety measures when transporting your vehicle. You can inquire about this with the company’s customer service representative or by looking it up on its website.

6. What Is the Company’s Car Shipping Time Frame?

Regarding car shipping time frames, a car transport company needs to offer you several options. However, consider that things may change, and these time frame changes will influence the ultimate price from the initial price estimate you had received when negotiating your contract.

7. What Are Payment Options?

A reliable car transport company will be able to offer you several payment options such as cash, checks or credit card. However, if a company is only offering wire transfers, this might be a red flag of a not-so-thriving and/or transparent business.

8. What Does the Company’s Customer Service Look Like?

This might be the most critical question for you to consider and research when choosing a car transport company. Having your valuable possession shipped is no small task, and it makes sense for you to be as optimistic about your car transport company choice as is reasonably possible.

Quality car transport customer service means you can track your vehicle’s transport well, ask additional questions and always be timely informed about possible and regular changes that may happen during transportation. Your criteria, in this case, could be - you should have an open communication through which you will be timely informed about the issues, which you will then have options and opportunities to resolve with your customer service representative.

9. Are There Recent (Positive) Reviews of the Company Online?

In today’s business climate, almost regardless of the industry, a successful company should be able to have an active business digital footprint. A digital footprint includes the company’s website and social media channels. However, in this context, it also means that you need to be able to research the company’s customer reviews.

If the company is active, its reviews should also be available for you to consult. Do not disregard the power of input of other more or less satisfied customers before you. Additionally, if the company is investing in its communications - meaning that its website is up to date and the company has a channel- (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, website chat) through which it regularly communicates with its current and potential customers, it is safe to assume it will also invest in its customer service.

Vehicle Haul and Have Your Vehicle Shipped Stress-Free!

Now that you know the most important questions you should ask a shipping company when choosing one for your vehicle, you can make a better decision about the best car transport company. Consider this article’s factors and select your car shipping partner wisely.

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Our dedication to every customer, excellent understanding of their needs, and the best customer service one can imagine make us the best choice for your four-wheeled friend. We work the same way we did many years ago when we started - with an understanding of someone’s precious possession, what it means to a person, and every minute he or she is giving us.

Your trust in our ability to help ship your car safely is everything to us. If you put your trust in us, we’ll be the best partner in the shipping process you could wish for. So, let’s work together, and if you need more information about the car shipping process, contact us, and we’ll help you understand the main factors.



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